Some Of The Latest And Best Models Of Teardrop Camper

Remember that, there used to be a time when people were awestruck by those people who owned a car. However, now streets are full of numerous vehicles be it a motorbike, car or a bus. Almost every family owns at least one to two vehicles for their regular use. The main point of telling about the above statements is that; leave regular vehicles aside, we are now introduced with moving houses as well. These moving houses are used for various purposes. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the best and latest versions of teardrop camper.

Teardrop camper:

The term “camper” has evolved from the word “camp” which means a tent that has been set in a specific place. So, a camper is the moving camp or more specifically a three or four wheeled trailer that can be easily moved when towed with a car. This camper can be placed in any location and can be moved from there at any time. It is also known as a moving house as it provides a proper accommodation system along with kitchen and in some cases washroom as well. There are many types of campers but we will only be discussing about teardrop camper and its types.

As the name implies, teardrop camper is shaped as the drop of a tear. One to two people can comfortably reside in this tear drop shaped trailer or a camper. It has an in built small sized kitchen as well. This tear drop camper can be used for various personal and commercial purposes.

Different versions of teardrop camper:

There are various types of teardrop campers but we will be discussing about some of the best off road teardrop only. There is a small sized house like teardrop camper which provides every basic facility of a home with an attached bathroom, a bedroom and a kitchen; it can be called as a moving house in a literal sense. Then there is a hut shaped teardrop camper which gives artistic appearance and can be moved around easily because of its lighter weight. Other than the above mentioned teardrop campers, there is an old school styled teardrop camper. Which is even smaller in size with two huge wheels but it can be customized according to the needs of a buyer.

Now, let us talk about one of the most comfortable and relaxing teardrop camper. It is exquisitely lavish from inside and gives enough space for at least two people to reside in it.


Camper is the trailer like structure with attached wheels that can easily be moved after being towed with a car. Teardrop camper is one such type of a camper which is shaped as a drop of a tear and provides enough space for two people to comfortably accommodate in it. Some of the best and latest models of teardrop camper have been mentioned in this article. “Caretta Australia” offers the best models of teardrop campers.